18 Steps to Choosing Your IT Partner

During a recent workshop, our team explored the true differences and what it means to be a partner rather than a supplier. During this exercise, we discussed how it can be easy to simply offer IT support services and how we differentiate ourselves from this perception of IT companies.

When talking to potential clients, It seems IT providers often discuss their services, features and benefits. But very few actually talk about current business challenges and how technology can play a key part in enabling businesses to be agile and scalable.

A recent conversation with a business owner only confirmed our thoughts. After years with the same IT company, this business owner had decided to compare the market and see what other companies had to offer. He explained that after quite a bit of research and exhaustive calls with salespeople, he had come to the conclusion that everyone offered ‘managed IT support’ and ‘proactive services’ all backed by buzzwords and service level agreements.

What I found most interesting was that he knew exactly what he was looking for. He explained he wanted more of a partnership with an IT company, where they would be able to talk about his business operations, their future plans and his employees needs (a partner), rather than tick boxing a list of requirements and services (a supplier).

So we decided to put together a guide that helps you ask the right questions when looking for an IT partner. Your infrastructure and IT support should be something you expect as standard.

We’d love to know what you think of this guide – good or bad.

What do you look for when choosing an IT partner?

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