5G Technology – What You Need To Know

5G technology is the hot name in the news at the moment with people and businesses scrambling to be the first to understand and implement the technology. Even US President Donald Trump has had his say on 5G. However, rather than focusing on 5G he ambitiously claimed to want 6G, a technology that absolutely doesn’t even exist yet!

Alas, with 5G on the horizon we decided to explore the new technology and what it can mean for businesses across the world.

What Is 5G Technology?

Similar to its predecessors 3G and 4G, 5G technology represents the the future of mobile technology by offering even faster network speeds as well as wider spread and more reliable coverage.

Due to its much faster speeds and improved reliability it opens up a wealth of opportunities for businesses to be able to utilise it for more demanding and creative projects.

How Fast Is 5G Technology Compared To 3G & 4G

Below we compare the expected 5G speeds with the average current 3G & 4G speeds being seen throughout the UK. All speeds are measured in megabites per second.

3G Technology Speed

Average Speed: 4-6mb

4G Technology Speed

Average Speed: 8-10mb (40mb max)

5G Technology Speed

Expected Speed: 1GB

Source: Techradar

Source: EE

Source: Ofcom

As you can see from the above graphic, 5G technology promises to completely re-define the way mobile connectivity works. With speeds at least 10 times faster the top speeds currently being experienced on 4G networks, it paves the way for exciting new technological advancements.

When Will 5G Technology Arrive?

At present there are no mobile devices that are compatible with 5G, but that looks about to change. In 2019 multiple smartphones are being built to utilise the technology with Samsung recently confirming that the successor to their recent Galaxy S10 will house 5G technology. With Qualcomm expecting their 5G mobile platform to ship in summer 2019, many are expecting the first mobile devices using 5G, in some capacity, to not be functional until at least 2020.

Like the sluggish 4G rollout in the UK, 5G may follow this pattern to implement the required technology. However, with EE strongly committing to the technology in 2019, the future appears bright.

How Much Will 5G Cost?

In terms of mobile phone plan costs we can only speculate, that like 4G, prices will increase for plans utilising the latest 5G networks. Prices likely wont be released until the end of 2019.

How could 5G Affect My Business?

Ericsson recently asked 900 decision makers across various different industry sectors what they believed the impact of 5G technology could have on their business. Some of the responses ranged as below.

Public Security Sector

‘Implement real time smart video surveillance’

‘Implement helmet computer augmented reality’


‘Implement cloud robotics’

‘Remote quality inspection techniques with high resolution 3D video’

The key theme of 5G technology for business appears to be around how it can be used with virtual reality and high resolution images to feed into cloud based systems. With 5G still at least one year from its inception its areas of usage are sure to change, but the potential is huge and represents one of the biggest technological advancements of recent years.

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