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Since joining Lanmark in October 2014, I have had some interesting (yet exciting) challenges thrown my way. This included being offered the opportunity to assist with the project managing and content development of our new website. There were many driving factors behind the re-design, but one thing that quickly became clear was that everyone at Lanmark strongly believed that as an organisation we are friendly and approachable; something which prior to joining was not so obvious from the website. Also, I felt inspired by the Lanmark team constantly encouraging our clients to embrace technology and become empowered by the systems and services they use.

This got me thinking about the applications that we here at Lanmark use to collaborate, communicate and work more efficiently as a team. There were four applications that are heavily used by all of our Lanmark employees and I wanted to share them with you and hopefully help your organisation in some way.

Our regularly used apps and how the benefit us include:

  • Office 365 – Yes, we use the very same service that we recommend and provide to our own clients. Microsoft Office 365 comes with everything you already know and love about office and a whole lot more. We are able to share calendars using Outlook, and have access to the Office suite across all devices and platforms – Windows, Apple, Mobile and Web! Since implementing Office 365 within Lanmark, we have equipped our team with access to all of their important data, from any platform they use at any time.
  • Microsoft Lync – An often overlooked, but key part of Office 365 is Lync. A unified communications tool that enables us move communications out of the inbox and into something more natural and fluid. We can chat in real time one-to-one or as a team, we can hold voice and video meetings from anywhere on any device.
  • Todoist – Todoist has recently joined the list of apps used at Lanmark and it is spreading like wildfire. The title is reasonably self-explanatory, however, doesn’t explain the great rewards organisations can reap. While there a ton of todo applications and task managers out there (some equally as good), Todoist simply ticks all of the boxes. It works across every single platform and even has a Chrome app if you use Chromebooks or live in the browser. The business edition provides the ability to assign tasks to other team members, set priority levels, add due dates, upload project files, and discuss in real time using comments and chat.
  • Evernote – With Evernote we can bring work together in one digital workspace. We use it in such a wide variety of ways, from building an internal knowledge base, through to collecting information and files together on projects. The built-in chat feature enables us to comment on notes in real time without leaving the app and its all there for everyone to see and collaborate on. At Lanmark we store all of our meeting information and any brainstorming into shared folders, enabling us all to better engage during meetings rather than hurrying to take notes, as all information will be shared on Evernote later.
  • As a technology company, we love hearing about new apps and tools, so let us know what you are currently using in your organisation or if you like the sound of the apps I have listed, let me know as I’d love to hear your experience or if to see if we can help implement it into your team!

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