Are You Missing the Most Versatile Endpoint Security Tool?

Lots of companies have endpoint security strategies. We know, because we’ve asked them. We’re using Backup Awareness Month to help businesses evaluate the obvious and hidden benefits of backup within a larger security plan.

Hardware fails. It’s inevitable.

12,000 hard drives will fail this week. Anyone in IT knows hardware failure and retirement are inevitable in technology. With the right backup, there will never come a time when you have to spend thousands on data recovery or tell users there’s no hope of restoring files.

2015 called and “there’s an app for that” – continuous endpoint backup.

Don’t play by the ransomer’s rules.

New malware is born every 4 seconds. Yeah. It’s a cruel world online. You’ll never be 100% impenetrable, but you won’t have to play by the ransomer’s rules if you get hit. Just restore destroyed files to the last known good state – prior to infection.

Back it up before you lock it down.

Without reliable, up-to-date backups, full disk encryption is a bit too secure. You’ve succeeded in restricting unwelcome access to corporate data, but you’ve risked locking your own users out of their files in the process. Think about it: if the computer gets damaged, data may become unreadable, even to those with permission to view it.

That’s why so many enterprises mandate that IT Department, back up endpoints before locking them down with full disk encryption software.

To err is human. To recover is divine.

Users make mistakes! They modify read-only files and forget or omit saving to the shared drive, they spill on, drop, lose, misplace and misuse their devices. You know the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” It applies to the modern workforce and the way they work. If it can happen, it will. Continuous endpoint backup makes files available to restore when user errors happen.

The most powerful tool in the box saves data, money, time and a lot more.

Endpoint backup is a lot bigger than a copy in the cloud. It gives the enterprise assurances that it can recover from known threats. With the right backup solution, you’ll have the antidote when data loss strikes. Now that’s a lot to love.

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