Azure Migration Process – Common Steps

AThe Azure Migration process can be complex and daunting scenario for businesses looking to migrate away from their existing provider. To understand the process and timelines we have developed the following guide to shine some light on the Azure Migration process.

The below migration process is an example of how a migration would happen based on the following factors.

  1. Your business has an existing Azure Tenancy.
  2. Your business works on a pay as you go Azure subscription.
  3. Your business wants to buy an Azure subscription from Lanmark Ltd.
  4. Your business  needs to move services attached to the pay as you go Azure subscription to the Lanmark Ltd subscription.

Step 1: Our team will  send over the Azure cloud service provider link

Target Time Period: Within 24 hours                                                  

Once your business has signed the Microsoft Cloud Agreement the first thing our cloud team will do is send out a cloud service provider link within 24 hours. This needs to be there first to ensure your businesses Azure active directory has our Azure partner ID active.

Step 2: New initial client service provider subscription created and access control lists verified

Target Time Period: Within 48 hours

Internally we will create your client service provider subscription subscription and verify your access control lifts. This should all be completed within 48 hours.

Step 3: Our team will request read-only access to your current tenancy

Target Time Period: Within 48 hours

As soon as step two of the migration process is complete we will send over a request for read-only access to your existing subscription.

Step 4: Our tech team will undertake an initial audit

Target Time Period: Roughly 3 days

This may vary on the size and complexity of the resources being reviewed. We will be looking to identify resource groups that can be moved wholesale. We will discuss with your business to understand services and dependencies and look to agree give the green light to proceed with the migration plan.

Step 5: Agree Migration Plan

Target Time Period: 3-7+ working days

We will work with you and your stakeholders to agree a comprehensive Azure migration plan that provides minimum disruption. The migration plan will typically consist of the following.

  • Current resources and evaluation of ‘mobility’
  • Resource groups to be moved as-is (all contained resources are moveable)
  • Resources and associated dependencies that cannot be moved and initial migration proposals
  • Agreed names for new resource groups (a ‘move’ requires a target resource group with a unique name

For smaller businesses 3 days should be enough to complete this. For more moderate sized organisations with complex requirements a week should be enough time. For complex or critical existing resources it could require longer but we would work with you to ensure this is fully transparent and agree timings.

Step 6: Schedule and undertake migration

Target Time Period: Dependent on chosen migration plan

For most customers we aim to have the migration scheduled and completed within 7 days as long as there are no delays in scheduling at their end. For more complex environments it can be up to a few weeks.

Microsoft have a guide to the general assessment process as well as to which resources can be moved to help you understand what can be migrated.

The Azure migration process will be unique for every business based on their requirements. The above is shown simply as a basic guide to the steps that are taken and typical things to be considered. For a more detailed guide and to learn more about the process we recommend getting in touch or undertaking an Azure trial. You can email our team at or call us on 02071234910.

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