Azure Pricing Calculator – What You Need To Know’

Azure Pricing Calculator – What You Need To Know:

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Azure Cloud services is Microsoft’s clever and transparent approach to pricing. The Azure pricing calculator allows you to get real-time cost estimates on each service based on your personal specifications. This makes it really easy for you to set an accurate budget for each product and tailor it to your needs – all housed within a simple online estimates dashboard.


  1. The Azure pricing calculator lists out all available products you can choose from to support the enablement, implementation and ongoing management of Cloud based services for your business.


There’s a short description of each Azure product and if you click on any, you’ll see a link appear on screen that takes you to a new page detailing the specs and cost estimate for that particular service. You can completely configure each add-on to your needs, based on consumption, required storage space, expected performance and your budget.

It’s a really nifty little tool and what’s particularly handy is that any estimates you receive are tracked by cookies, so if you leave the page and return later, your previous selections will still be visible on screen (as long as you don’t clear your cache!)

Azure Pricing Calculator Screenshot

  1. You can add multiple products to the Azure pricing calculator and can hop over to the ‘Estimates’ page at any time to view all the products and services you’ve selected, with corresponding price estimates against each.


On the right hand side, there are links to useful documentation about your selected service, as well as a full description of what’s included. If you don’t wish to proceed with that service, you can remove it by clicking the small ‘delete’ icon at the top right.

We love how intuitive this on screen estimator is – it’s very simple to add, edit and remove any products as you go, without having to commit to anything until you’re clear on what you need and what it will cost.

Azure Pricing Calculator Example

  1. Ready to buy? Once you’re happy with the options you’ve selected, you can click ‘Purchase options’ to continue.When it comes to paying for Microsoft Azure products, there are a couple of different routes you can take:


  • Purchase Azure directly through Microsoft.

If your business has adequate in-house tech expertise and you don’t need much support once you’ve purchased your Azure products, this is a quick and easy purchase option for you. You’ll benefit from monthly billing, a support plan (if you want it) and the freedom to manage your deployments and usage without any external help.


  • Purchase as a managed service from a Microsoft partner (like Lanmark!)


Many small to medium sized businesses opt to work with an official Microsoft partner rather than purchasing direct. This can deliver a host of additional benefits such as superior expertise, industry knowledge, best practice, tech support and access to the latest technology and equipment at the best prices.

An Azure partner can provide a completely managed service, wherever you are in your Cloud journey. Many companies choose this option for peace of mind that their data, deployments, storage, security and performance are all optimised and compliant.

It’s unsurprising that the Azure pricing calculator is trusted by so many IT staff and finance folk when choosing the best products and services for their business. The simple online interface is designed to be simple and transparent, so you can be confident you’re choosing the best Azure products, at the best price for you.

If you’re new to Microsoft Azure, visit our cloud services page to find out more about how it can help your business excel in the Cloud. Lanmark is proud to be a Gold certified Microsoft partner and can support you at any stage of your Cloud journey, including a full migration to Azure using your existing IT infrastructure.

To find out more about Cloud services, Microsoft Azure or the Azure pricing calculator, give us a call on 020 7123 4910or email and let’s have a chat!

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