Betfair Strengthens Best-in-class Betting Exchange With Pure Storage

Don’t just believe us, check out the incredible story behind Betfair implementing Pure Storage.

Betfair’s Challenges:

  • Performance bottleneck in an on-premise cloud
  • Deploying code quickly
  • Scalability for supporting large betting events

“From performance to cost savings, we have truly transformed our business capability with Pure Storage. We can now spin up hundreds of IaaS and PaaS offerings in as little as 40 minutes compared with six or more hours previously.”

Dean Hogan, Cloud Platform Lead at Betfair

Betfair’s Results:

  • From 6+ hours down to 40 minutes to spin up development environments on demand
  • From 3-4 months build time down to 6 hours
  • Able to move application testing and release cycles at an hourly rate
  • New products in front of customers faster
  • Simplicity and non-disruptive storage management

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