Cloud Based Technology Meaning – We Explain

Cloud Based Technology Meaning – We Explain

Cloud Based Technology Meaning

You’ve no doubt heard about Cloud based technology or cloud computing – but what do these terms actually mean!? As a business leader, you may feel that you have better things to do with your day than trying to understand where your company’s data is stored. But, by gaining even just a basic understanding of Cloud based technology, you might unlock new opportunities to save time, cut costs, improve collaboration and reduce risk to your business. 

Sound good? Read on…

What Is Cloud Based Technology?

Have you ever wandered into the IT room of a large company and seen rows upon rows of large storage machines? These are called ‘servers’ and they house all the data and online information for the company.

If the company decided to migrate to Cloud based technology, they could move all that online ‘stuff’ to a virtual storage repository instead.

They’d no longer need physical storage space on-site and could add more online storage capacity at any time. Their data would be protected by the online security that is baked into the DNA of Cloud based technology. And, best of all, they’d enjoy more up-time and reliability for their servers.

Here’s another scenario…let’s say you are running a large digital project, with multiple stakeholders. They all need clear visibility on the project’s progress, with regular updates on how the designs and development are coming along. 

You Could Either

  1. Create a lengthy project document in Microsoft Word, which you’d need to update and email out as an attachment. On your weekly call, you’d first need to establish that stakeholders were all looking at the same version of the document, before going through it over the course of two hours or so. The document might occasionally crash due to its size and any updates would need to be made after the call and circulated back to the group as an updated version…
  2. OR, you could use Cloud based project management software such as Trello to create your project plan. Each stakeholder would be given their own login and could access the project plan at any time to see progress. On your weekly call, you’d all log in simultaneously and review the project sheet together. Anyone could add images, documents or comments to the project plan at any time, so all stakeholders would be actively involved.

Lanmark Cloud Technology

What do these two scenarios have in common? Both describe how to use cloud based technology to improve traditional processes. Both show that even simple Cloud based software can have a positive impact. And both illustrate how to improve collaboration and save time by moving your business to the Cloud!

How Else Can Cloud Based Technology Benefit Your Business?

Remote working is becoming a common practice in most companies, across many industries. Many business leaders now understand that a motivated workforce, who are trusted to complete their work wherever and whenever suits them, produce better output than staff who are tethered to a desk 9-5. Cloud based technology is a critical factor in enabling remote working. The Cloud  can transform the way your employees interact with your company and make your business even more attractive to prospective employees in the process!

Let’s also talk about risk. By working with a third party Cloud service provider, you’ll be guaranteed some watertight SLAs when it comes to uptime, server reliability, online security and disaster recovery. All of these can provide a great deal of peace of mind that your IT functions are protected and recoverable, no matter what. Many companies use various Cloud based services from third party providers; from web hosting, data storage and open source document sharing, to online email gateways and virtual IT Support. 

How Do I Choose The Right Cloud Based Technology For My Business?

This is where a reliable IT partner like Lanmark can come in. At Lanmark we can advise on exactly what you’ll need and offer a full readiness assessment before you commit to any Cloud migration. We’ll review your existing systems and check that they’re set up to enable a successful Cloud migration. We’ll provide cost estimates and can offer additional value such as PCaaS so your hardware is covered too. Best of all, if you choose Lanmark, you can benefit from award-winning IT Support 24/7, so your Cloud based technology will be in safe hands.

If you’d like to find out more about how Cloud based technology can benefit your business, get in touch on 020 7123 4910 or drop us a note and let’s discuss your needs.

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