Data Protection – What You Need To Know?


With so many solutions, products and brands on the market all offering the ‘Best and Most Recommended’, deciding which is best for your business is a daunting task.

Recent high profile data breaches both in the UK and in Europe have started to focus executive’s minds around the importance of protecting themselves and their companies from the risk. Hacking has changed and now involves sophisticated, targeted attacks against an organisation not just trying to steal credit card data but actively defraud companies directly and steal intellectual property.

The EU are finalising a new regulation around data protection. As a “regulation”, unlike a “directive”, it will be directly applicable in all EU member states without the need for national legislation.

The new Data Protection Act says that all companies have to take appropriate technological and organisational measures against unauthorised or unlawful processing or against accidental loss or damage to personal data.

When you partner with a Technology Specialist, you will be supported by a team of professionals who have vast experience working with a portfolio of security solutions. At Lanmark, we have a team of security specialists working with our clients daily to ensure our clients businesses are protected from a security breach. A Technology Specialist worth partnering with is one who can identify weak points in your infrastructure and recommend the best solutions to mitigate risk. Cyber criminals are constantly working to exploit the vulnerabilities in your applications, devices and operating systems. Technology partners are able to offer support and pro-active monitoring that will prevent these vulnerabilities becoming business critical failures.

IT Security features you should expect to be in place as standard for all businesses include:

  • Access Management;
  • Drive Encryption;
  • Email Security;
  • Multi-Factor Identification;

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