How has data security changed?

According to HM Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 65% of large firms detected a breach in their security system in 2015 with 25% of those experiencing a security scare at least once a month! The average cost of a breach to a large business; £36,500, with a record breach of £3 million as a whole.

It’s not only large organisations which are feeling the brunt. Small/Medium size businesses are also at risk as the damage in 2015 cost these firms £310,800. In comparison, the figures to 2014, show the security risk has risen dramatically, as the figure recorded in 2014 was only £115,000.

Do you really want the same to happen to your business?

Nobody wants to be the one that loses their client. So organisations are focusing on how they could protect the data and information they are creating on behalf of their clients, across all devices. There have been previous discussion points around how we should protect our network and wireless, but this has changed.

Now there is more talk regarding how we should protect the data when it’s on your personal device. How could you protect the data when it’s on a personal device? Is the data protected when emailing to a third party, contractor or supplier? These are just some questions that are the main topic of security breaches and what organisations really worry about now.

Above is a video of Steve Howe, Commercial Manager for Lanmark, who explains further on how data security has changed, and what we can do to help.

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