Device As A Service Benefits

Device as a Service (DaaS) also known as PC As A Service (PaaS) benefits can be summarised by three simple words: flexible, scalable and affordable. Here we delve deeper into what Device as a Service is, how it can benefit you and why so many companies choose to incorporate it into their business IT roadmap.

Think about all the devices you rely on to keep your business moving. You’ll no doubt have laptops, printers, mobile devices, work stations and more. As a business leader, you may delegate the task of sourcing hardware to your IT department and simply foot the bill on every purchase. But are you getting the best deal on each purchase?

What about new starters to the business? Your IT department needs to source equipment, compare prices, get approval for any purchases, buy what’s needed and then install it. If anything goes wrong, it’s their responsibility to try and fix or replace the faulty hardware, at significant cost to you. 

If you choose to downsize your team for any reason or you wish to migrate to newer technology, you’ll be left with unused equipment that needs to be disposed of. Getting rid of unwanted devices can be costly and a huge hassle!

This is where Device as a Service benefits come into their own.

As the name would suggest, Device as a Service covers all IT devices you need to enable employees to do their jobs. 

The ‘service’ aspect refers to the support and expertise your DaaS provider will offer as part of your agreement with them. DaaS works a bit like a leasing service, where you pay a set fee that covers the equipment itself, and also the end-to-end process of sourcing, installing, managing and replacing every device under contract.

It’s flexible because it can be scaled up or down alongside your business.

It’s affordable because you’ll pay a set fee that covers the entire lifecycle of each device.

Device As A Service

A quick summary of the benefits:

Reduce risk – by paying a set fee per device, you’ll have a clear view of your expected spend and can allocate budget accordingly, no nasty surprises down the line!

Reduce waste – if a device is no longer needed or must be replaced, your DaaS provider will recycle or dispose of it for you

Get the best deal – one of the biggest Device as a Service benefits is that your DaaS provider will have access to the latest technology at the best prices

Expertise and support – if anything goes wrong, you can simply pick up the phone and expect your DaaS provider to mend or replace the device at no extra cost to you

Stay safe – your DaaS provider will ensure that all devices include the latest security software as standard, for extra peace of mind

If you like the sound of these Device as a Service benefits and would like to find out more, please get in touch. At Lanmark we work with startups and businesses of all sizes to provide affordable IT solutions that are flexible and scalable to each business. Give us a call on 020 7123 4910 and let’s discuss your objectives today!

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