How can moving to The Cloud help you?

Are you a start-up business, a small/medium business or a large enterprise business? Well, it doesn’t matter, because The Cloud offers many different options that are easy to access regardless of the size of your organisation. Businesses now recognise how well the system works, and how easy it can be to implement it. So now they don’t think ‘should I go to The Cloud’, but instead they want to know ‘how do I go to The Cloud’.

Organisations want to know what services they should put onto The Cloud. First came the ‘email’ which was made easy to use with the likes of Office 365. But now businesses want to place more information and data onto The Cloud, whether that be file access, file sharing and authentication just to name a few.
There are many benefits of moving to the cloud. Here’s a list of a few advantages:

  • Drives down cost – moving all your data to the cloud means you won’t have to spend so much money on hardware and upgrades!
  • Less to worry about – you have a business to run, no time to think about IT!
  • Space – as your business grows, so will the requirements for more space. Instead if upgrading hardware every time, just upgrade your software with no hassle.
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device in has become something near essential for many organisations as employees like to use their own machines and take them home when they like to. Major benefit when you want to access your data from anywhere at any time.

Watch the video here, where Steve Howe tells you a little bit more about how Cloud Transformation could help your organisation.

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