Getting The Right Microsoft Azure Quote For Your Business

Getting The Right Microsoft Azure Quote For Your Business

At Lanmark we have been implementing cloud based services for over 10 years and are trusted by Microsoft as an Azure Gold Partner. Microsoft Azure offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses such as yours and we wanted to share some tips on cost savings to ensure you get the best possible Azure quote.

  1. Work with an Azure Partner


Working with an Azure Partner (like us!) on a large project opens you up to incentivized discounts from Microsoft. Microsoft prefers businesses that opt to work with trusted partners of theirs and rewards businesses with a variety of discounts dependent on the size of the project.

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  1.   Get A Tailored Azure Quote – One Size Does Not Fit All

Within Azure, each services are quoted according to the resource you use on an hourly basis. However, not all services use the same set of computing resources so the total quote is worked out differently. Our team of experts will work with you to help you understand which Azure quote is best for you, ensuring you get a tailored and cost effective solution.

  1. Use The Azure Pricing Calculator

Building an Azure costing model can be a difficult and frustrating task. Luckily there are resource and tools available to aid in getting the right quote you need. The Azure Pricing calculator is the best way to understand Azure costs. Using it you are able to itemise each individual service and pricing tiers whilst also being able to add any ancillary services you may need.

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  1. Make Sure You Switch Off What You Don’t Use

Azure is charged on a pay-per-use model, meaning the more you use the more that you will be charged by Microsoft. It is essential to deallocate types of resources when they are no longer in use to save your business money. An example of this is shutting down virtual machines that are not in use.

  1. Pay in Advance Instead Of On The Go

Like with many online services that offer discounts for paying in advance, Azure is no different. If you have a good idea of the capacity your business needs you can use Azure Reserved Virtual Machine instances which allow you significant savings over the pay as you go instances.

Get The Best Azure Quote For Your Business

Lanmark are a trusted Azure Partner with Award Winning, 24/7, UK support. We pride our businesses on saving clients roughly 30% on their existing Azure spend and offer completely free consultations with one of our specialists.

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