Microsoft Azure Trial – Why Your Business Should Trial Azure

Microsoft Azure Trial – Why Your Business Should Trial Azure

Considering moving to Microsoft Azure but unsure of the benefits or what it would mean for your business? Why not go for an Azure trial? Below we outline five key reasons you should consider Microsoft Azure for your business.


  1. Safe & Secure



One of the most important considerations when looking at cloud services is security. To put your mind at ease, Microsoft Azure is one of the most secure platforms around. Amazingly, Microsoft themselves estimate they receive over 1.5 million attempts per day to compromise their systems. Despite this many attempts, Azure remains guarded and is constantly updating their systems to fend off the latest attack methods. Azure also provides businesses a chance to backup their data in different locations around the globe. This ensures that if something was to happen, your data would be secure in another centre located elsewhere. A full list of Azure Regions from around the globe.


  1. Reliability


If you love green ticks then you should check the latest Azure Status. The status shows just how Azure’s systems are working around the world. Not only is this a great tool for proving Azure’s reliability but it’s also beneficial if a system goes down and you need an expected fix time. Azure makes use of ready-to-use failovers as well as load balancers to ensure its systems are robust and you can always access your data. For those of you a bit lost with all of the technical chat these are defined below:


Failovers – When a system automatically moves control to a duplicate system when it detects a fault or failure.


Load Balancers – This involves distributing requests over a network when a server is starting to max out the CPU, disk or database IO rate. Load balancing aims to optimise resource use as well as maximising response time. Ultimately this is used to avoid overburdening any one of the resources.


  1. Economies Of Scale


The pay as you go model used by Azure aims to reduce unnecessary costs as you should only pay for what you use. Azure also benefits high volume businesses with a variety of discounts available. To learn more about these benefits, call us on +44(0)20 7123 4910 to learn more.


  1. Quick Migration Process


The thought of moving your entire IT infrastructure to Azure can seem intimidating. However, the process can often be undertaken quicker than you may think. Some companies decide to move in small chunks and set up a site to site connection to Azure. By doing this you are able to access resources as if they were located within your headquarters. The process is quick and painless, and helps you take that first step towards implementing Azure.


  1. Easy Accessibility


Being able to access your data on the go has never been more important. Azure allows you and your team to access your data from any location at any time, often without even needing to use a VPN.  


Lanmark work with customers every day to build tailored business cases for Azure as well as advising on the best strategies for cloud infrastructure. With over 20 years technology experience, we are best placed to start you off on your Azure trial. To learn more or start your Azure trial please call our team on +44(0)20 7123 4910 or email us at

For more information on which Microsoft Azure company to work with – read our latest blog entry.

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