Office 365 is Evolving! Are You?

Migrating to the cloud is no new thing but there are however a number of factors to consider when adopting the Cloud particularly Office 365.

Office 365 has many perks as it acts as an umbrella of Microsoft’s hosted services and includes Office Suite Application, One Note and Skype for business.

But Why Go to The Cloud?

We have spoken before about the many benefits of migrating to the Cloud (See here) but with more and more applications becoming available to aide business use, it has never been more important to migrate aspects of your capabilities to the Cloud correctly and with the right support.

High Availability, Workplace mobility, cost, these are all defining factors when migrating to the Cloud and genuine USP’s but how can you migrate easily but ensure you engage all the necessary service you require?

Office 365

Office 365 is an ever-evolving beast and has many additional services from the early Office days of yesteryear.

365 may be a simple and cost-effective way to get a powerful range of cloud Office services plus access to regular new features in desktop Office 2016. However, certain capabilities make it an ideal solution especially considering you take away the cost of an Exchange Server.

The ability to work from anywhere at any time and breakdown the finances to cost per user per month makes Office 365 easily manageable for the Accountants.

Regular new features in Exchange, Sharepoint amongst others is proof enough that Office 365 is utilising Microsoft’s capabilities of staying ahead of the competition and adapt as business requirements change.

The same can be said of your more common Office 365 desktop applications which allow faster, easier to use tools which in turn save time and increase productivity.

Office 365 in 2017

Already in 2017, Microsoft have been busy updated particular features such as: –

  • updating Visio Pro for Office 365 with a database reverse engineering tool that allows you to easily create a visual representation directly from source data.
  • Office 365 benefited from the introduction of a security analytics tool which rates your current security configuration, and makes suggestions on possible improvements.
  • Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection got several new features for tighter email security, namely URL Detonation and Dynamic Delivery.

The consistent regular updates Office 365 has is a reassuring factor proving that adopting a Cloud Migration plan using Office 365 is often a sensible way to go.

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Make sure you watch our latest video where Lanmark’s Account Director Sareeta Brah explains why so many organisations are adopting a cloud services such as Office 365.

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