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For many employees, the ability to choose their ideal work space is an expected norm. An increasing number of businesses are using co-working spaces or remote working because it’s such a great way to reduce overheads and give staff the flexibility they desire.

If this sounds like your approach to business, you’ll already know that technology is absolutely key to enabling flexible working options for employees. It’s critical that you have the right systems and infrastructure in place to make a flexible working strategy a reality.

But what happens when things go wrong?

Even with the best technology powering your business, servers can go down and websites can crash. And, without the right IT Support for flexible working set up, the smallest technical glitches can become bigger and more problematic than they need to be.

Here’s what to think about when choosing the right IT Support for flexible working.

1. No more 9-5

Dolly was right to denounce the 9-5 working life. These days, most successful business owners understand that an engaged and motivated workforce is rewarded for output, rather than presenteeism.

So, if your employees are encouraged to work within the hours that suit them, your business IT Support needs to be set up to provide assistance whenever they need it – even at 2am on a Saturday morning!

Make sure your IT Support, whether outsourced or in-house, is available to employees 24/7 so any technical issues can be resolved immediately.

2. Invest In The Cloud

If you’re serious about enabling flexible working, migrating to the Cloud is your best chance of success.

In simple terms, ‘migrating to the Cloud’ means moving your data from your local server or PC to remote servers that are hosted online. Because the Cloud is open source, anyone can access data and documents without being limited to using a particular machine or being based in the office.

Your workforce can share and access whatever they need in real-time, but all data remains secure and can be password protected for peace of mind.

3. Consider Outsourcing

We know, it probably sounds like a sales pitch because Lanmark offers award winning IT Support to clients. But, outsourcing your IT Support for flexible working is one of the most cost effective and reliable ways to guarantee the right level of assistance for staff.

In a small company, it’s rarely affordable to hire more than one or two IT Support engineers. This exposes your business to a fair amount of risk as the security, stability and continuity of your entire online operation is dependent on a few junior IT folk.

In stark contrast, outsourcing gives you access to 24/7 support from an entire team of highly trained and skilled IT professionals who are incentivised on giving great service. Response times can be far better through outsourcing and often you’ll be assigned more experienced support staff than you’d be able to afford if hiring in-house.


4. Look For A Good Deal

It sounds obvious, but don’t simply take the first option you find when choosing IT Support for flexible working. Many businesses offer discounts and incentives if you sign up for an IT Support contract (for example, Lanmark currently offers clients 3 months free business IT support when they sign up for a 12 month contract.)

If you’re outsourcing, it’s also important to ask for performance stats from any prospective partners. Focus on figures such as the percentage of issues resolved on the first call, the number of issues resolved remotely and client satisfaction rates.

Steer clear of companies who use jargon intentionally to try and confuse you. IT Support should be explained in a clear and simple way, so if you don’t understand something, keep probing until you’re satisfied with the answer, or simply find someone else.

At Lanmark, we offer an unfailingly high level of IT Support for flexible working and traditional office based companies. Our award-winning 24/7 Support will never let you down and we’re extremely proud of our customer satisfaction rate of 99.3%.

Call us on 020 7123 4910 or submit an enquiry and let’s have a chat about how we can help!

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