Six Key Benefits Of Cloud Adoption

You may have heard about cloud-based technologies and know that there could be considerable cost savings and benefits for your business. But have you been smiling and nodding along for a while and feel it could be too late to ask a question? GDPR flashbacks anyone?

The benefits of cloud adoption have been widely reported in recent years with flexibility, convenience and scalability named as key advantages. Not to mention cash flow benefits and cost saving.

We run through the key benefits of cloud adoption and how they can propel your business forward.

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  1. Flexibility

If your business is growing and requires additional bandwidth demands then cloud-based services provide a flexible solution allowing you to scale up capacity when required but also the ability to scale down again, if required. Having this sort of flexibility allows businesses that adopt cloud-based technology a significant advantage over competitors.

    2. Cloud Software Updates

A key benefit of cloud computing is that with servers off-premise, suppliers take care of both software and security updates allowing you peace of mind and less time worrying about maintaining the system in-house. Read more about our cloud migration services.

    3. Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery, as the name would suggest, aims to protect businesses against significant negative events. The key importance of disaster recovery is allowing a business to rapidly resume ‘critical functions’ following the impact of such an event. Regardless of business size, it is recommended that all businesses allow for disaster recovery, not just larger companies with more at stake. The arrival of cloud-based technology has allowed smaller businesses to implement backup and recovery solutions without requiring a large investment up-front and the usual time disaster recovery can consume.

  4. Improved Team Collaboration

Using cloud-based systems allow teams access to documents at any time and from anywhere. This especially benefits smaller businesses that are increasingly moving towards remote working and access to documents outside of traditional working hours. Cloud adoption enables workers to track live updates and collaborate on documents/sheets for a more efficient way of working.

  1. Initial Expenditure Fee

Historically, undertaking IT projects were a scary thought to businesses due to the initial expenditure and cost of hardware. Using cloud computing, businesses enjoy a pay as you go approach that benefits cash flow and removes the complexity of the initial setup. If expenditure is a concern for your business we recommend contacting our team who can put together a proposal for you with this in mind. Email

  1. Security

Security is absolutely vital to every business and is one of the main benefits of cloud adoption. The days of losing a laptop or having it stolen and losing everything saved on that laptop are thankfully long gone. With everything stored remotely, you can access it online and get back to work immediately without a delay. It is also possible to wipe data from lost/stolen work machines to ensure optimum levels of security.

Why Are You Waiting To Move To The Cloud?

For more benefits of cloud adoption, we recommend discussing your requirements further with our team of experts. They can outline the key areas of cloud-based services and provide you with a tailored solution that precisely fits your business. You can call a member of our team on 020 7887 2754 or email us at

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