The Cloud, Is it Really all that?

The Cloud is a topic that can often breed a few yawns from those not in the know, that is probably because it is seen as a Tech buzz-word, a word that is bandied about by IT professionals to bamboozle those of us less tech minded.

However, that is perhaps a little harsh as the Cloud is used by a majority of people most days even without realising it.

The ability to simply save data in a cloud environment as opposed to a ‘cupboard’ type scenario saves not just time but money as well.

But that doesn’t answer the question, is the Cloud really all that?

The simple answer is yes, but that would make for a really short blog so let me explain, for any organisation, the Cloud is a critical element to any businesses capability.

In the past, companies would have to predict storage requirements and would often use a ratio of 3:5 with regards to Power to Storage capabilities meaning they were paying for storage without being able to utilise it.

By adopting Cloud services, you only pay for what you use with the ability to scale up as and when required playing a major factor in the benefits of Cloud services and cost saving.

The Cloud computing market is also growing fast, in a report by Synergy Research Group the worldwide cloud computing market grew by 21% to $110 billion in 2015 (Source).

That growth in the Cloud market is set to continue at a rapid pace with more and more organisations utilising Cloud Service providers to guide them through a Cloud IT strategy.

This is largely because according to Rightscale, 32% of respondents felt that their IT departments were poorly equipped to handle the growing workloads in the cloud but understand the need to move their capabilities to the cloud as part of a long-term growth strategy.

A much better user experience coupled with stronger levels of security are reasons why the Cloud really is all that (and that is before I get on to the workplace mobility benefits).

The Cloud really is all that and such as the transition from horse to car, utilising Cloud capabilities will become a must.

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