IT Design and Implementation of the Third IEP Depot

Further to our recent posts relating to the IEP depot installations, we are proud to announce that following our successful completion of the North Pole and Swansea depots we have now completed the same work for the third IEP Depot. The third IEP depot site is based in Stoke Gifford and was again completed to a very high standard, within project deadlines and of course, within budget, this completes our work on the Great Western Railway.

Lanmark engineers completed the project in the following ways:


The network infrastructure consists of Cisco Catalyst Switches. The switches consist of both copper POE and SFP devices. These have been configured as standalone devices for the remote cabinets and in a stack in the main computer rooms. All switches were updated and configured by Lanmark engineers. Configuration included VLAN’s to accommodate the required network segregation. All Cisco switches are covered by Smartnet.


Lanmark supplied and installed Hewlett Packard servers across the depots, these were configured with the standard O/S, ILO was configured and devices were installed into racks utilising all cable management.

Internal WiFi

Connected to a Cisco 5500 series WLAN controller, the internal Cisco 2602E WiFi devices were mounted within the ceiling voids and utilised the POE infrastructure

External WiFi – Building mounted

Mounted at high level across the depot buildings, Lanmark utilised the Cisco 1552 series access points. Access to the high location was by use of Cherry Pickers operated by Lanmark’s IPAF trained engineers. All required sealing and galvanisation was adhered to.

External WiFi – Post mounted

Mounted at high level on purpose installed posts, Lanmark utilised the Cisco 1552 series access points. Access to the top of the posts was provided by lowing the posts using purpose build winches and counter-balancers. The posts have an IP rated cabinet at the base, this housed the power supply and media converters. All required sealing and galvanisation was adhered to.

Audio Visual

Overhead projectors were installed at each site using the appropriate ceiling mounting. The screens utilised are remote control automatically retractable units fitted neatly and flush into the ceiling void. Easy to use wireless presentation units allow any network connected devices to project their screen without trailing cables.
The Video Conference systems deployed throughout are Lifesize units. As a reseller of these devices Lanmark are able to procure, install, configure and support these units.


Installed and configured a resilient Mitel system configured to use SIP gateways. Handsets were deployed and configured to allow for automatic VLAN detection, meaning deployment is as simple as plugging into the network and entering the desired extension number.

External Cabling

In order to provide Internet and Network Rail communication services, Lanmark had to pull over 2 km’s of cable underground. Using cobra’s and a strong team we were able to pull the required cables adhering to all safety standards.

Specialist Equipment

Connectivity to specialist machinery such as automated warehousing robots, wheel lathe, train wash, train data recording and fuelling systems were also included in our scope to allow them to deliver data to the purpose built Engineering Management System. Lanmark provided consultancy advising on how we can facilitate this and offered both the physical connection and aided in the software side to ensure the data could easily be extracted.

Lanmark’s PTS and CSCS trained engineers are now starting the same work for the completion of the first East Coast depot based in Doncaster, updates to follow.

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