Unbelievably True Tech Support Stories

We all know the joke about tech support sitting in an office all day telling people to ‘turn it off then turn it back on again’ right?

Whereas that may portray a humorous image in our minds, the facts of reality are often even more funny as we take a look at some of the hilarious stories we have heard from across the tech support community.

F1 to no-one

We heard a story that an IT technician was walking through the office one day when an employee stopped them and said ‘you took your time, I pressed F1 (the Help Button) two hours ago!


Another funny story was of a tech support member of staff getting a call from a panicked employee claiming their monitor was not working.

Upon further investigation, it turned out there was no monitor on the desk at all as someone had moved it!

This Employee Needs the Cloud! Desperately  

This is a slightly older story but sometimes the classics are the best.

An employee was entering data on a floppy disk and was told that she had to make a copy at the end of every day to provide a backup.

Roughly 6 months later, the disk became corrupt; so, the technician asked if she had the copies.

Remarkably, she opened a filing cabinet drawer and pulled out a stack of paper; on every sheet was a photocopy of the disk.

Power Outage

There was a complaint (in an unnamed organisation) from a member of staff who complained that their computer would not turn on.

After hearing this, the support staff proceeded to inform the employee that the reason that their computer was not working (and all the lights in the office had gone out) was because of a power cut in the area!

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