Debunking the Myth that Security Affects Cloud User Experience

Stereotypes have forever been rife in the way mass population perceives a particular segment, this has never been more so than in Cloud security Services where the term is often referred to as a buzz word with security concerns over moving to the Cloud playing a key role in the unwanted perception.

High profile data leaks have not helped the cause in changing the above view, however, with security becoming stronger with even more stringent firewalls and additional protection from Cloud service providers, many organisations are putting more confidence in Cloud Services.

For example, a 2015 survey by the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) showed that 64.9% of over 200 IT and security professionals trust the Cloud much more than their on-premise solutions (source).

The survey went on to say that 71% of companies have set up a formal process for employees to request Cloud services.

This is a sure sign that the perception of the Cloud has changed with the agility of workplace mobilisation playing a key role in the reason organisations adopt a cloud migration.

However, there is still one area which often clouds people’s opinion (excuse the pun) and that is security.

How Secure is the Cloud?

There are numerous accreditation’s associated with Cloud security such as ISO 27001/27002 which are standards for security audits which most cloud services providers will be able to consult with you on.

Due diligence and risk assessment processes are also common place when adopting a Cloud Migration and are all part of ensuring a seamless user friendly transition to cloud services.

There have been high profile cases where data has been breached but often the breach has been plugged with speed and efficiency with minimum impact on the user.

The ability to back up data in the cloud allows data to be recoverable quickly and easily and is often much more cost effective then maintaining data centres on site.

Breaking the poor user friendly myth

The myth that security in Cloud services makes for a poor user experience is no longer viable and needs to be debunked.

Often the user experience is better than utilising an organisations on-premise solutions, this is because Cloud and security services are now built with user experience in mind thus creating a more accessible, mobile way of running a business.

Watch our latest video where Lanmarks Commercial Manager Steve Howe discusses how Cloud services and security affect user experience.

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