PCaaS – How Can It Help Your Business?

PC as a Service (PCaaS) can help your business in a number of different ways. Here we’ll take a look at some of the key benefits of this service and why it’s definitely something every business leader and IT Manager should consider.


“PC as a Service is a predictable cost model that enables the delivery, support and removal of PC assets in our environment.”   

CTO – Private Equity Fund


What is PCaaS?

As the name would suggest, PC as a Service refers to the management of PCs and other hardware you’ll need to run your business efficiently. It’s a bit like a subscription service that covers the entire lifecycle of your computer equipment, so if a piece of hardware needs to be replaced, it will be sourced, installed and managed by your PCaaS provider (for example, Lanmark.)

A typical PCaaS provider will offer packages at a fixed monthly fee, and these packages will include equipment such as laptops, monitors, docking stations and cables. Your contract should also include business IT Support so you’ll have somewhere to turn if you need any help or experience any unexpected technical issues.

How can PCaaS help my business?

One of the biggest benefits of PCaaS is that it is completely futureproof for your business. Your service provider will cover absolutely anything and everything that is needed from a hardware perspective for the entire duration of your contract. 

This means that if something needs to be replaced, this will be done quickly and at no extra cost to you. Best of all, by working with a PCaaS provider, you’ll gain access to the very latest technology at the best prices.

How much will I pay for PCaaS?

All providers differ when it comes to costs but one thing they all have in common is that their PCaaS can be offered at a fixed monthly fee. This means you can allocate your hardware budget each year without the risk of any nasty surprises appearing on your bill!

As an indication of PCaaS costs, Lanmark provides two package options that include the latest technology for your IT department.

Our standard package costs just £95 per month and includes:

  • 1 x Brand New Ultrabook Laptop
  • 2 x Widescreen monitors
  • 1 x PC Docking Station
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise E3 Subscription
  • Full Service Desk Support

We also offer an Executive package with even higher spec models to choose from, if this better suits your needs as a business. 

What happens if something goes wrong with my IT hardware?

If you need assistance for the duration of your contract, your PCaaS provider should offer Business IT Support as part of their commitment to you. At Lanmark, our PCaaS packages include access to award winning IT Support, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, if you have any IT issues or need help with anything regarding your hardware, you can simply get in touch and we’ll resolve the issue quickly and at no extra cost to you.

Every PCaaS provider is different, so it’s important to ensure your chosen partner offers comprehensive IT Support before you sign up to a fixed contract. Beware of unusually cheap contracts as they may omit critical elements such as brand new equipment and 24/7 IT Support!

How do I sign up to PCaaS?

It’s a good idea to shop around when looking for the right PCaaS partner to help your business. When it comes to managing your IT department, there is no one size fits all approach, so each provider should be able to tailor your packages and prices to suit your individual needs. 

At Lanmark, we’ll work with you to build a personalised pricing package that is bespoke to your unique requirements. We offer flexible financing options and our end-to-end PCaaS packages cover everything you may need, from deployment to management and even recovery.

Call us on 020 7123 4910 or send an enquiry and we’ll get in touch to find out more about you and discuss how PCaaS can help your business!

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